4V Romania Raid – a great adventure raid through wonderful Romania

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RAID ADVENTURE event details:


                  01.01 – 01.03.2024                 


              02.03 – 01.07.2024                 


           02.07 – 01.08.2024            

  MOTORCYCLE 700 € 800 € 900 €
QUAD 700 € 800 € 900 €
ATV 700 € 800 € 900 €
SSV 900 € 1.000 € 1.100 €
4×4 VEHICLE 900 € 1.000 € 1.100 €
ASSISTANT 0 € 50 € 100 €


  • 6 days of full riding;
  • Tracks in GPX format;
  • Road book in electronic format;
  • Administrative and technical check;
  • Rescue teams;
  • Bivouac with facilities;
  • Medical assistance;
  • Live surveillance comand center;
  • Treasure hunt with prices for sponsors;
  • Camping in the bivouac in own tent or camper;
  • Toilets and shower in the camp;
  • Safety rider;
  • Recovery of damaged vehicle from the track;
  • Transportation of personal belongings to the next bivouac;
  • Daily briefings;
  • 1 sticker for the front of the motorcycle and 2 for the sides;
  • Finisher medals;
  • One festive dinner;
  • Third party insurance.


  • Concierge services regarding accommodation in hotels, special program for families, tourist consultancy;
  • Discount vouchers for products of the sponsors;
  • Discount vouchers for the next edition.


  • Meals in bivouac: breakfast / lunch to go: sandwich, one water and one chocolate / dinner: cooked meal, soup and main curse. Cost for all meals for one day is 27 €/participant;
  • Beer, coffee and drinks suppliers will be in the bivouac;
  • Paper roadbooks, 5€/day/participants;
  • Tracking system, 90 € for all 6 days;
  • Rental motorcycles, price on request;
  • Guided version of the event;
  • Merchandise;
  • Picture package in high resolution;
  • Other services on request.


  • Fuel;
  • Travel costs to arrive and leave from the event;
  • Individual life insurance;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Accommodation outside of the bivouac.

An ALL INCLUSIVE package is valid. The price for this package is 3.000 € and includes:

  • Transportation from and to the airport;
  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels;
  • All meals, drinks;
  • Assistance;
  • Guide;
  • Motorcycle or SSV.


  • 100 € is not refundable. The rest of the fee is refundable on this terms:
  • Until 01.05.2023 fee is refundable 100%;
  • Until 15.07.2023 fee is refundable 50%;
  • After 15.07.2023 fee is not refundable.
  • Registration is considered valid only after payment of a minimum amount of 100 €;
  • Payments can be done online or by bank transfer.


Asociatia Club Sportiv 4V Motorsport
Cod Fiscal: 42048276
Sediul social: Strada Revolutiei 1989, bloc L12, Camera 1, parter, Constanta
Banca Transilvania


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Just contact us and we will take care of everything.
phone: +4 0755 584 584

The European Motorsport Festival is an unique event, a new step in the evolution of the two partner clubs that set up this great project: 4V Rally Raid and Off Road Max. A 100 people team work on this project and they give the best to creat an amazing event and to have an unique experience where you will return with love! And like each of the previously organized competitions, your safety is the most important priority for us. During the event we will permanently have 6 ambulances, 2 equipped for access to difficult roads and 4 ambulances, type B1/B2, with an emergency doctor on board. In the park we will have a fixed medical point, and the ISU, the Gendarmerie and the Police will support us promptly, as always. The route, in addition to the intervention crews, will be monitored by marshals, placed every 20 km so that, at any time, less than 10 km away, there will be a marshal next to you. In the unlikely event of a serious accident, the SMURD helicopter will be ready for intervention! We thank you and we are waiting for you in large numbers!
European Motorsport Festival, is at the second edition and it is the motorsport event that will become very popular in Europe! It’s a promise!

  • 01 January 2024: opening of the Registrations;
  • 01 August 2024: closing of the Registrations;
  • 22 August 2024: opening main park;
  • 23 August 2024: administration and technical checks, trial, night show;
  • 24 August 2024: Special Stage 1;
  • 25 August 2024: Special Stage 2;
  • 26 August 2024: Transfagarasan – SS 3 Strategica – remote park – Transalpina ;
  • 27 August 2024: Special Stage 4;
  • 28 August 2024:Special Stage 5;
  • 29 August 2024: Special Stage 6;
  • 30 August 2024: Closing Ceremony, Live concert, Party.

  1. The main bivouac 1 will be located in the Avrig area, a historical settlement.This is located on Valea Avrigului with gps coordinates: 45.714733, 24.419316. Its surface is approximately 30,000 s.m. and will be divided into distinct sections, respectively rally raid, raid adventure, off road and enduro. Also, the following areas will be located in the park area:- parking area for assistance cars, caravans;- campers, vans and tents area;- medical point area;- sanitary area;- the food and drinks area;- the administrative area;- relaxation area. The parks will be secured and will be illuminated over night. Breakfast and dinner can be served inside the park. In the park we will also have a medical tent for certain interventions on the spot. The sanitary area will be equipped with ecological toilets and showers.
  2. On day 4th we will have a remote bivouac for one night up on mountains, on 1.600 meter altitude.
Because it is the 10th event organised by us, of course it will be an anniversary one! And for an anniversary edition, the itinerary must be an exceptional one. We will start from the famous city of Avrig then we will go to the Transylvanian forests, we will cross the most famous roads in Europe – Transfagarasan and Transalpina and, of course, we will cross the mystical land of Dracula. Definitely it will be a life time experience!

You will have to climb 1,480 steps to the Poenari fortress, the hidden place of Vlad Tepes! You will cross the highest road in Romania, Transalpina!

During your most fantastic adventure, we will go up in the mountains, cross the rivers, sleep under the stars, getting to know wonderful people, we will show you our history and religion, taste our food and wine. In fact, it is all about connecting to Romania and its treasures!

The route will pass through the following areas: Avrig – Transfagarasan – Strategica – Ranca – Transalpina – Sebes.

Rute and schedule by days:

Day 1 – 23.08 – Administrative and technical checks, trial, show.
In the first part of the day, the technical and administrative checks will take place, on each section separately. In the second part of the day, after a little relaxation time, there will be a welcome dinner after which everyone is invited to the trial area where the off-road and enduro guys will offer us an unique night show full of surprises! The evening will end with a wine tasting and, of course, a party!

 Day 2 – 24.08 – Start of the special stage SS1
On this day, the first special stage will begin.Considering that we are coming after a night party, the day will be relatively easy.Rally Raid and Raid Adventure will have a first special stage, of accommodation, with a length of approximately 80 km, speed one, 90% being on macadam. The performance area is one that will definitely surprise you and give you an extra dose of adrenaline! Off Road Max will give us a demonstration of strength with their “monsters”, on the specially arranged area, then they will present the concept of the Rainforest Challenge doing their best as they always do, through mud and ravines!

Day 3 – 25.08 – Special stage SS2
Rally Raid will start in the second special stage, this time a technical one, with “everything”. Its length will be approximately 220 km. Raid Adventure will start on a journey of approximately 200 km. Off road and Enduro are preparing for the move to Sebes.

Day 4 – 26.08 – Transfagarasan – Strategica SS3 – Transalpina
This day is a special one for Rally Raid and Raid Adventure. First of all, discussions are being made to close the Transfagarasan, especially for you all, for one day it will be yours, so you can enjoy the ride! A Bell helicopter will supervise you from the air and photographers, videographers and drone operators will put the show you created, in digital light and color! We need to mention that we bring the best photographers, videographers and “borgs”!? After Transfagarasan we will enter on a special stage on Strategica, a road that will take you to the most spectacular peaks! At the end of the day we will stop for a night, in a remote, closed provisional park, up in Ranca. There, we will provide you dinner and accommodation for one evening, free of charge, because you deserve it! It will be a long day, with a lot of asphalt, some technique in places, tiring and on top of that it will also be cold up, but that’s not what this is about!?

Day 5 – 27.08 – Special stage SS4 – Liason main park 2 Sebes
In the morning we will leave from Ranca and after a short special stage of approximately 100 km, we will return to the park from Avrig. From the moment you enter in the Avrig park, you have 4 hours to collect your own logistics and move to the main park 2, Sebes (liaison 80 km). In this way, we say goodbye to the beautiful area of ​​Avrig and move to another wonderful area, Sebes!

Day 6 – 28.08 – Special stage SS5
In the morning, the start of the first special stage will begin from Sebes, of approximately 250 km, being a technical and navigational one. Also on the 6th day, the technical and administrative checks will take place for those who will only compete in the CNRR. So, those who are only participating in CNRR, they present yourselves directly in the Sebes park. We will announce its location on Sportity.

Day 7 – 29.08 – Special Stage SS6 – Gala
In the morning, there will be the start for the last special stage.

Day 8 – 30.08 – After a wonderful 7-day adventure, we will end the event with a mega party, with fireworks, live music, food, drinks and more and more.

  • Touring motorcycles;
  • Enduro motorcycles;
  • 4×4 vehicles;
  • SSV;
  • QUAD;
  • ATV.


A. Assistance provided by the organizer:

  • transportation of personal belongings, cases with tools and spare parts from bivouac to bivouac;
  • tow of the vehicle from the incident point to the nearest public road;
  • transport of vehicle from the public road to the bivouac with local Tow Truck partners – additional cost;
  • mechanical team on request – additional cost.

B. Personal assistance:

  • any participant can bring his own assistance team according to the registration form.

As we all know, Raid Adventure is a passion that involves certain risks, a dangerous sport. For this reason, our highest priority is the safety of the participants, the spectators and anyone else involved in the event.

The experience gained from the organization of the previous 9 editions helped us to limit the risks to ensure, you a safe competitive environment.

But of course, it is very important that you also respect the safety rules, drive preventively and anticipate any potential danger.

During the entire competition we will have:

  • 4 Ambulances type B1/B2 ;
  • 2 offroad 4×4 Ambulances;
  • Medical tent in bivouac;
  • Helicopter for emergency situation provided by  Romanian Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication;
  • Private helicopter for surveillance;
  • Paramedics;
  • 10 Rescue Teams;
  • Satellite tracking beacon with panic button.

The main organizer of the event is:

  •  4V Motorsport Sports Club Association.

The event is carried out under the aegis of:

  • Romanian Sports Motoring Federation – FRAS;
  • Romanian Motorcycling Federation – FRM.

4V Rally Raid® is a registered trademark.

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The first entry list will be displayed at the end of the “BEST DEAL” period, 01.03.2024

List of documents will be uploaded soon

What to expect?

4V Romanian Raid is an off-road non competitive raid organised by 4V Motorsport Romania® which will take place on August 23 – 30, 2024 in Romania. We designed a special adventure for you through the heart of the Charpatian Mountains, in the mystical forests of the Transylvania where the legend of Dracula was born! 4V Romanian Raid is organized under the aegis of Romanian Motorcycling Federation and Ministry of Sport and is the perfect opportunity to discover most amazing places in Romania, to train your capabilities to navigate, test your vehicles, to socialise and have fun, to have an amazing vacation!

4V Romanian Raid is part of the great international event European Motorsport Festival!

Who can participate?

4V Romanian Raid is dedicated to SSV, QUAD, Enduro, all-road motorcycles and 4×4. Participants can be licensed professional pilots or unlicensed amateurs or any other driver/rider who love adventure, free spirit and joy!


Accommodation will be made on 4 stars hotels and guesthouses where there can be tasted traditional Romanian dishes, drink the local wines and enjoy the hospitality of the Romanians.


Navigation will be done on roadbook or GPS track. Each participant will have a GPS beacon provided by the organizer.

The daily route will not exceed the distance of 250 km.

The routes will be covered only during the daytime.


Transfagarasan“The world’s best road” according Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear show;
Transalpinahighest road in Romania, altitude 2.145 m;
Fortress Poenari1.480 steps to climb on foot to the hidden fortress of Vlad The Impaler;
– and many other surprises!

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