Name:4V Rally Raid registered mark
Location: Constanta – Romania
Stage in: National All-Terrain Rally Championship

4V Motorsport Sports Club Association;
4Venture Agency.

Edition I: 25 – 28 of July 2019
Edition II: 21 – 22 of August 2020
Edition III: 13 – 15 of November 2020
Edition IV: 20 – 22 of August 2021
Edition V: 21 – 24 of October 2021
Edition VI: 24 – 25 of June 2022
Edition VII: 15 – 17 of July 2022
Edition VIII: 25 – 28 of August 2022

Edition IX: 14 – 16 of October 2022

FRAS – Romanian Federation of Sports Motoring;
FRM – Romanian Motorcycling Federation;
MTS – Ministry of Youth and Sports;


4V Rally Raid Constanta – Romania is one of the most appreciated races in the entire Romanian Rally Raid Championship having as main feature the speed and navigation component. 4V Rally Raid represents the competition in which the driver’s abilities to master a car, keeping it in functional parameters up to the finish line, the navigator’s skill to faithfully follow the directions of the road-book and the car’s endurance are inseparable, their coordination being essential to finish the race. With a massive participation both nationally and internationally, the competition has been a real success since the first edition, the main objectives of the organizers being the safety of the participants, the beauty of the route and the permanent improvement.


The 3 main groups of the competitions are PROFI, PROMO si DISCOVERY.  Competitors can register in any of them under the following conditions:

PROFI – is addressed to licensed professional pilots. Vehicles participating in this group must be equipped in accordance with the FRAS – FRM – AIF regulation on safety and conditions of participation. Also, the skills and training of pilots and navigators must be high in this group, with no speed limit. For the 2019 edition, the distance traveled for this group was 700 km distributed over 2 days of competitions for the 2 editions of 2020 of 360 km distributed over a single day of competition. The Profi group is the one that starts first, the order of the competitors being according to the particular regulation: prologue, results of previous stages from CNRR, order of registration.

PROMO – is addressed to those who have participated in such competitions but the technical training of vehicles or driving skills do not reach the standard required by the Profi group. For the 2019 edition the distance of parks for this group was 500 km distributed over 2 days of competition and for the 2020 edition it was 250 km distributed over a single day of competition. The competition within this group is made in REGULARIZATION regime, the maximum speed being 80 km / h and the average speed being between 40 and 60 km / h. The Promo group will start immediately after the Profi group, in the order of registration and according to the regulations private.

DISCOVERY – is addressed to beginners, to those who come into contact for the first time with this kind of competition, to those who want to feel the adrenaline of a rally raid race. This group has the role of initiator in this beautiful sport, in an organized, supervised environment, under the guidance and direct assistance of specialized personnel. Any off-road vehicle, ssv, moto, quad can be included in this group, provided that it is in an adequate technical condition: suitable tires, without technical defects, suitable for driving on various terrains. The condition of each vehicle will be verified during the technical inspection, by the personnel authorized to compete, the entry into competition being made only with their consent. The Discovery group has the start after the Profi and Promo groups and they have to cover the same distances as in the Pomo class, in REGULARIZATION regime, respectively 80 km / h maximum allowed speed and between 40 – 60 km / h average allowed speed. Especially for the Discovery group, a training and information module specially designed for beginners is organized every year, which is included in the registration fee.


The competition take place over 2 days: route day 1 (PS1) and route day 2 (PS2). The pilots have to cover a total of approximately 700 km distributed over the 2 days of the route, the starting order being that of the registration or the results of the prologue and according to the special regulations for competitions. The navigation will be done according to a road-book prepared, verified and approved by the organizer. 

PS 1: it takes place in the northern part of Dobrogea having the main component navigation element testing the navigator’s skill. There will also be portions with sand, beach, azimuth orientation, ford crossings but also forested portions. The route has a total distance of about 350 km in one pass, without a loop. 

PS 2: takes place in the southern part of Dobrogea having as main component speed and navigation. The total distance to travel on day 2 is also about 350 km.