4V RALLY RAID® Romania

Name: 4V Rally Raid® registered mark
Location: Romania
Stage in: National All-Terrain Rally Championship

4V Motorsport Sports Club Association;

4Venture Expedition
Thetis Association
Obsidium Association


Edition I: 25 – 28 of July 2019
Edition II: 21 – 22 of August 2020
Edition III: 13 – 15 of November 2020
Edition IV: 20 – 22 of August 2021
Edition V: 21 – 24 of October 2021
Edition VI: 24 – 25 of June 2022
Edition VII: 15 – 17 of July 2022
Edition VIII: 25 – 28 of August 2022
Edition IX: 14 – 16 of October 2022
Edition X: 02 – 10 of September 2023
Edition XI: 10 – 12 of November 2023


FRAS – Romanian Federation of Sports Motoring;
FRM – Romanian Motorcycling Federation;
MS – Ministry of Sports.

GENERAL INFO about 4V Rally Raid®

4V Rally Raid® – Romania is one the most appreciated competition in the Romanian Rally Raid Championship. Winner in 2022 of the title “best organizer club” rank offered by both Romanian Federations, FRAS and FRM, 4V Rally Raid® is the competition where you can find a mix of emotions, a unique experience in mystical Romania, a place where you will create a inseparable bond once you have stepped in. With a participation both nationally and internationally, the competition has been a real success since the first edition, the main objectives of the organizers being the safety of the participants, the beauty of the route and the permanent improvement.

The competition take place in Romania, usually 2 – 6 days, on long distances which cover between 400 km up to 1.500 km. The teams have to cover around 300 km per day, starting order being that of the results of the prologue and according to the special regulations of competitions. The navigation will be done according to a road-book prepared, verified and approved by the organizer.

The terrain is varied and can include valleys, mountains, beaches, river crossings, agricultural roads or offroad. The route combines sections that contain difficult navigation elements with speed sections, testing both piloting and navigation skills as well as the endurance of the car.


The 3 main groups of the competitions are PROFI, OPEN and PROMO.  Competitors can register in any of them under the following conditions:

PROFI – is addressed to licensed professional pilots. Vehicles participating in this group must be equipped in accordance with the FRAS – FRM – FIA regulation on safety and conditions of participation. Also, the skills and training of pilots and navigators must be high in this group. The Profi group is the one that starts first, on special routes which  have a higher grade of difficulty. 

OPEN – is addressed to those who already participated in rally raid competitions but the technical condition of vehicles or driving skills do not reach the standard required by the Profi group. On this group the competition takes place in a regulation regime being an imposed maximum speed that is established by the organizer depending on the variables of the terrain, weather conditions, etc. The route for the promo group is shorter and easier compared to the one for the professional group.

PROMO – is addressed to beginners who are not certified pilots yet, to those who come into contact for the first time with this kind of competition, to those who want to feel the adrenaline of a rally raid race for the very first time! This group has the role of initiator in this beautiful sport, in an organized, supervised environment, under the guidance and direct assistance of specialized personnel. Any off-road vehicle, ssv, moto, quad can be included in this group, provided that it is in an adequate technical condition: suitable tires, without technical defects, suitable for driving on various terrains.

Note: some competitions are strictly addressed only to professional drivers who have cars with a valid international technical passport.