Not just a race,
it’s something more!

4V Rally Raid – Romania is one of the most appreciated races in the entire Romanian Rally Raid Championship having as main feature the speed and navigation component. 4V Rally Raid represents the competition in which the driver’s abilities to master a car, keeping it in functional parameters up to the finish line, the navigator’s skill to faithfully follow the directions of the road-book and the car’s endurance are inseparable, their coordination being essential to finish the race. With a massive participation both nationally and internationally, the competition has been a real success since the first edition, the main objectives of the organizers being the safety of the participants, the beauty of the route and the permanent improvement.

Previous 4V Rally Raid Editions:

5th edition
21-21 of Oct. 2021- humanitas

4th edition
20 – 22 of Aug. 2021 – 51 teams

3rd edition
13 – 15 Nov. 2020 – 44 teams

2nd edition
21 – 22 Aug. 2020 – 42 teams

1st edition
25 – 28 Jul. 2019 – 52 teams

OBSIDIUM private party
Laser Show, Night Dinner Gala
4V Special VIP Concierge Service
10.000 square meters bivouac and expo
hundreds km of amazing tracks, pure speed and adrenaline
days of race, each one have unique 350 km of special stage in line
Dobrogea best location in Romania for Rally Raid plain terrain, hills, sand
4V Rally RaidPart of East European Tout Terrain Series in 2019 season

Etapa din Campionatul Est European Tot Teren, 2019 – 4V Rally Raid
Locatia ideala pentru Rally Raid: campie, dealuri, nisip – Dobrogea
O competitie a cate 350 de km fara bucla in fiecare zi de concurs
Track perfect de viteza si adrenalina desfasurat pe sute de km
O suprafata de expozitie si bivouac de 10.000 m.p.
Serviciu special 24/24 VIP Concierge 4V
Cina si noapte de gala, show laser
Petrecere privata OBSIDIUM

We Fight 4Victory!